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Michele Malebranche is a woman who has gone too much trough her very short life. Since she was a child, she had been mistreated by men. Michele started her career as a murderer at young age, killing her father, Joseph Malebranche (on 21 November 1887), who had locked her up in the attic and had tried to strangle her. She killed him with the paints that her father had given her, as paints were extremely poisonous at the time.

As she was so young, no one thought she could have been the murderer, and Michele was set free. Her weird behaviour on the other hand, was not left unnoticed. She was sent over to her new 'father', Armand Ollivier, who for unknown reasons, tried to strangle and bury Michele alive, on 30 July 1895.
But Michele was saved, and his stepfather was sent to a prison where he eventually went completely mad.

After these events Michele had become famous. She became an actress, both in the stage of theatre and clubs, but also on the stage of murder. She killed men on dark alleys, who were foolishly seduced by Lady Malebranche. She also wrote poems on her freetime.

At the end of her 'career' she kidnapped 13 young boys, killed them all, and deformed their bodies. She buried herself under the unrecognisable bodies, and cried herself dry.

She later reincarnated as the cursed jewel, diamond, named Reine Michèle, the Queen of Massacre.

I play her as a humanized diamond. She remembers her past, and she appears as a woman when she was still an actress. In her neck she carries the Reine Michèle.

She still holds grudge against men, who have all betrayed her. She has never known true love, but her imagination is something that runs wild.

WARNING: Michele is supposed to be disturbing in many levels. Interacting with her might result to her killing your character. I usually give out signs when it's the last moment to run away before she gets serious. She is not only after men, so don't think your character is safe because she is a woman or just unrecognisable.

You can indeed kill her, steal her necklace and all that jazz, but she'll be revived later. Also, the diamond in the necklace is told to hold a curse. Those who own it get killed soon after. If this is true or not, it's for you to wonder.

But, the point being, TELL ME if Michele is taking it too far, or you feel uncomfortable at any point. I can try to tone Michele down a little, or you can just stop answering to her. Thank you, au revoir~


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